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Jit Gurung

When I first came across Jit Gurung, he was at his desk working on a pile of illustrations. He is a serious artist who I sometimes compare to R. Crumb. Jit works in Pokhara, a resort town centered around a large lake in Nepal. I found him by admiring a beauty shop sign featuring a clear portrait of Angelina Jolie and asking around about the artist.

He does wonderfully accurate portraits of people.   One of my favorite artists.  

Click below to see which of Jit's artworks are available.

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Terrier & Labradoodle by Jit
$ 180.00

Tibetan Script 

Pit Bull with Tibetan script
$ 180.00

White and Golden Labs 

White Lab by Jit Gurung
$ 150.00

Cartoonish Dogs 

Lulu Jack Russell by Jit Gurung
$ 150.00

Dogs in Costume 

A Bulldog dressed as Dorothy
$ 150.00


Max the Mastiff by Jit Gurung
$ 200.00


Calico Cat by Jit Gurung
$ 180.00


Chihuahua by Jit Gurung
$ 170.00


Jackal the Chiweenie by Jit Gurung
$ 200.00


Zen Chihuahuas by Jit Gurung
$ 200.00


Border Collie by Jit Gurung
$ 150.00


Long Haired Dachshund by Jit Gurung
$ 140.00

Greyhounds & Whippets 

Greyhound Pitbull mix by Jit Gurung
$ 170.00

Jack Russell Terriers 

Bergman the Jack Russell by Jit
$ 300.00


Jack Russell Terrier by Jit Gurung
$ 200.00


Lulu Jack Russell Jit Gurung
$ 150.00


Pinky Jack Russell Jit Gurung
$ 150.00

Lhasa Apso/Tibetan Breeds 

Zelda the Tibetan Terrier by Jit Gurung
$ 200.00

Pit Bulls 

Pinky the Pit Bull
$ 200.00


Pomeranian and Papillion by Jit Gurung
$ 170.00


Apricot Poodle by Jit Gurung
$ 200.00

Pugs & Puggles 

Pug by Jit
$ 150.00


Cody the Shitzu by Jit Gurung
$ 300.00


Shitzu by Jit Gurung
$ 300.00

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