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Mahesh works in Naxal with his brother Rahendra on the main road between Kathmandu’s city center and the Ring Road. I often see him zipping around on his motorcycle.

Mahesh’s Danger Dogs are full of character, with eyes that have life. The simple white background suits his semi-realist style. Mahesh always includes a faithful rendition of the dog’s collars.

The last time I commissioned 4 pieces from him, and went to pick up. There were only 3 pieces. When asked why, Mahesh shyly said that a tourist had been passing by and offered to buy the Danger Cat and he sold it. ‘That’s great!’ I replied. ‘And you made another for me?’ ‘No, I did not.’ That is one problem I have with Nepali signboard artists. I did not have the time before leaving for the states to order another. And when we suggested that perhaps he should just paint an extra signboard in case a passing tourist might want one, it fell on deaf ears.

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