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Santosh Shrestha

Santosh Shrestha has a small studio in the Lakeside district of Pokhara. His wife, Simitri, helps him in the shop. They have a young daughter about 2 years old.

Santosh is quite a popular artist in the area, with a distinctive signature. Using 6 basic colors for his backgrounds, his Danger Dogs are popular.

Below is Arnold Schwartzenegger by Santosh for a local gym.

Santosh had a commission for a movie poster honoring the re-release of the 1972 hit “An American Hippie in Israel”. He painted the life-size portrait on canvas from 11 stills of the movie, after watching the trailer. He understood it needed a psychedelic style.

These artists’ livelihood is being threatened by computer graphics and “progress”. By buying this you are supporting their art and their families.

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