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Santosh Shrestha

Santosh Shrestha has a small studio in the Lakeside district of Pokhara. His wife, Simitri, helps him in the shop. They have a young daughter about 10 years old.

Santosh is quite a popular artist in the area, with a distinctive signature. Using 6 basic colors for his backgrounds, his Danger Dogs are popular.

Below is Arnold Schwartzenegger by Santosh for a local gym.

Santosh had a commission for a movie poster honoring the re-release of the 1972 hit “An American Hippie in Israel”. He painted the life-size portrait on canvas from 11 stills of the movie, after watching the trailer. He understood it needed a psychedelic style.

These artists’ livelihood is being threatened by computer graphics and “progress”. By buying this you are supporting their art and their families.   Pokhara was not much affected by the April 2015 quake, so Santosh and his family are safe.

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