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How long does it take to receive my Danger Dog order?

It depends on when you order. I travel to Nepal twice yearly – usually in spring/summer and then again in October/November for holiday orders.  If you order today, I will be returning to Nepal in September 2015, returning in early December, 2015 with your portraits.

Orders will be accepted until November 20, 2015.   Write to me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the most up to date information.   I will sometimes be 'off the grid', but if you send me your photo by November 20, 2015, you will have your three portraits on metal in plenty of time for  holiday gifts.

Can I buy more than one portrait of my pet?

You can buy all three, if you’d like. They look great in sets of two or three.

What happens to the ones I don’t buy?

They go to the dog pound.   Just kidding.   They are sold at Museum shops, art galleries, boutiques, online or donated to silent auctions for good causes.   Some I keep for myself because they are just too wonderful.

What if I don’t like any of the portraits of my pet?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don’t like any of them, you are under no obligation to buy them. The Nepali signboard artists are paid fair trade prices no matter if you buy them or not.  

Are the artists still painting after the earthquakes of 2015?

Yes!   They need the work more than ever.   I was there for the April 25, 2015 quake and was not sure if they would be able to paint.  All of the artists were eager to paint - to return to normal and as therapy.   Of course, they needed money more than ever.   What meager sign painting work they had is sure to dry up.   I gave them all raises, advances and support.   Whatever they need.    I return in September and I hope to give them lots of orders.   

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade, to me, is paying the artists a living wage for their art. I pay them the first price that they ask, and often more. I give them raises each trip, don’t ask for a ‘discount’ when I order ten pieces, and never dicker.   The artists set their prices and raise them regularly.

Can I personalize the sign?

Yes. You can have the sign say anything you’d like. Your pet can be enlightened, happy, zen or even brazen. It is up to you. Be Aware of Dog (or Cat) is popular.

Is it possible to order things other than animals?

Sure. The artists can paint anything. They are signboard artists. Your house, your garden, your car, your children, yourself… These are all possibilities. The only limit is your imagination. The artists are even available to design movie posters.

How do I hang them?

They can be hung indoors or out. They can be put in windows or on bookcases. They can be framed or put on an easel. You can put them on your fridge with magnets.   Some sample displays from the Danger Dog Blog.

How long will they last?

If you would like a patina, hang them outside in the sun.   If you would like to protect them, take them to your auto body shop and ask for a 'clear coat'.   Most body shops add a clear coat to an auto daily and would not charge a lot to add the signs.   Make sure to ask them to spray both sides.   Indoor signs last well.   I ordered my first signboard in 2004 and it is still clear and solidly painted.   They last well indoors out of the sun with no other treatment.

Why Nepal?

Nepal has a long tradition of 'Beware of Dog' art and their signboard artists are hurting.   Their work is truly disappearing at an alarming rate.   The recent road expansion in Kathmandu and throughout Nepal has really taken its toll.   Their studios are being demolished, never to return.   Small businesses thrive on return customers and those customers have no place to return to. 

How long will they last?

I began to have them painted in 2004, and they have held up well inside, with no noticeable deterioration.   If you put them out in the elements, they will get a patina of rust, but they look very nice that way.  

What if you are out of town when I order a pre-made sign off the site?

Then you have to wait until I return.   Sometimes they are at shops throughout the US, and they can ship them to you.   When you click on the 'Read more' button on the one you like, it will tell you if it is at a Museum shop or retail outlet.

Do you ship to Europe or overseas?

Yes, but we have to figure out shipping and customs details for each country.   I will get the best price possible.

I don't see a pet that looks like mine.   Do you have others?

Yes, some dogs are mixed breed and not easy to categorize.   I have over 72 breeds on NepalDog at the moment, but if you send me a photo of your pet, I can look and see if there is a good match.   I am the world's largest collector of 'Beware of Dog' art, after all!

The shopping cart is not working, can I still buy?

The shopping cart is a bit wonky at times, but you can contact me at my email address.   The price will be the same and we can figure it out from there.   I constantly work on fixing the problems on the website, please bear with me!

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