Dilip Niroj

Dilip Niroj (with his wife above) prefers to paint Doberman Pinschers and Alsatians.

Folk artist and family in Kathmandu
Dilip with his wife and daughter

The 4th Danger Dog cycle, I gave Dilip a painting of a cat for the first time. No surprise, it was the last one he finished.  But it sold.

Dilip and his wife run their studio on a busy street in mid-Kathmandu, not far from the famous Dwarika’s Hotel.   I believe that Dilip is dyslexic, as he often misspells his script in both English and Nepali script.   His wife helpfully oversees and corrects his spelling.   Once he even wrote ‘Denger Gogs’!   That is a particular favorite of mine.

Lately, Dilip has been painting watercolor birds, some having been used as art in a Kollywood (Kathmandu’s movie scene) extravaganza.

His finished painting of Obama was exceptional.


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Showing 1–12 of 83 results