JK Arts

I found JK by noticing his lovely signboards in the Mahendrapul area of Pokhara. Unlike many Nepali signboard artists, he signs his work, often including his ‘Nobile’ number right on the sign – and a good thing, too. Otherwise I might not have found him.

Folk art sign painter in Nepal
JK, a sign painter in Nepal.

JK insisted on painting giant signboards. He did not want to paint the standard foot square. 18 inches, he requested.

As a result, they are close to life size, and quite dramatic. As always, with a new artist, I let him choose which dogs he wanted to paint. Sometimes his scale is a little off but I like them all the same.

He lives behind his studio (his studio is set in a hallway – not an uncommon workspace in Nepal) with his very supportive wife. They seem so happy together, with his wife eagerly showing me his non-commercial work painted to decorate their home. It’s an argument for the arranged marriage still so common among Nepali people.


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Showing all 6 results