Karma had his studio on the road to Boudha, a Buddhist area of Kathmandu.

Karma uses broad, flowing strokes for fur, on a dark blue background. Sometimes he adds odd touches, such as at top left, where he underlines the dog’s right eye with dots for emphasis.

Karma, a sign painter from Kathmandu
The sign painter Karma

I believe that he subcontracts out some of the work, and hires an artist who adds shadows for depth, as in the cat, the Italian greyhound and the goat with the white background.

Karma is another young man whose studio is a gathering place for friends and family.

In fact, there are so many young men hanging around, we call Karma and his friends ‘the boys’.

Karma’s studio was closed about the first 15 times I tried it. Persistence pays!

As of 2010, Karma has moved to South Korea, where he can make more money as an agricultural worker than as a signboard artist in Nepal.


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