Om Sai Art - ShaShi

ShaShi works with his father at Om Sai Art & Tour Service. Om Sai Art is named in honor of ShaShi’s guru Sai Baba, a popular religious yogi from South India.

Sign painter in Nepal
ShaShi in front of the poster of his guru, Om Sai

ShaShi’s art is consistently of high quality, and often has added surprising touches in his backgrounds. He may put a halo around a dog, banners announcing Danger Dog, or put the Dog on a magic carpet. Fittingly, the triple Danger Cats above right were commissioned by a renowned movie composer, and he placed them on a vinyl platter. Talk about synchronicity.

More often than not, he signs and even dates his work. His sister runs the travel agency, and his father helps out in the shop, it’s definitely a family business.

ShaShi recently had his first child, a daughter.


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