Prem, from the resort town of Pokhara, sometimes misspells his signs “Bewaer of Dog” instead of the the more common “Be ware of Dog” or, my personal favorite “Be Aware of Dog”. I first met Prem on a busy street in his small studio. His work was soulful and really visually clean. While he was chronically late in delivering his work, it was worth the wait.

Folk art sign painter in Nepal
Prem in his original studio

The next trip, I went to his shop and found that they had torn down those magnificent walls and a bank was to be built in its place. It took a couple of days before I could find Prem, asking local restaurants and other signboard artists if they knew where he had gone. Luckily I had that photo above in my camera and could print it out and canvas the neighbors. Turns out he had moved to Royal Arts around the corner, displacing Yuba Raj Adhikari who moved down the street. These guys are nothing if not itinerant.


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