I met Punam while walking down the street and noticed a fresh cast. We commiserated a bit and went on our ways. Then, after wandering for 20 minutes, I saw a signboard shop. I walked in, calling “Hajur, hajur!” (‘Excuse me’, in Nepali) and to my surprise, Punam answered.

Folk art painter from Nepal
The sign painter Punam on the day we met

He had fallen off a ladder while painting a signboard just that afternoon. I asked if he was able to paint a few Danger Dogs, and he indicated that he was right-handed and good to go. A passing Nepalese busy-body interfered, castigating me for taking advantage of an injured man. Punam hastily assured me that he appreciated the work and the rupees!

Punam is a popular young man, always surrounded by friends hanging around the shop, with an easy smile and a wonderful cartoon-like style of painting. This guy should be working for Disney as a top animator. His Danger Dogs are charming.

He’s now fully recovered.

He sometimes forgets to put both English and Nepali on his signs, but I’ll forgive him that. It’s interesting to note that the more naïve the artist, the more often they sign their pieces. Never once had to ask Punam to sign his pieces.


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Showing 1–12 of 18 results