Shree Laimachhain

Shree lived in Pokhara with his lovely wife and 2 children. His wife, Bimala, sells vegetables from his signboard shop. The other kids in the photo are from the shop next door.

Sign painter and family in Nepal
Shree and his family in happier times

Shree Laimachhain often paints his Dogs in Elysian Fields. When I first came to his shop he had a Danger Dog on his wall. In the Elysian Fields. Just like I ask for them…1 foot square, on metal. Nepali only though. With red script. I was impressed and immediately bought it.

Shree proudly brought out his portfolio, with his self-portrait on one side and a damaged portrait of his mother-in-law on the other. This family, while appearing prosperous in the photo above, must use every trick in the book to keep alive. This family is a great example of why I think that the system of arranged marriages works well.

However, Shree has had to go to South Korea to work to support his family. It is a 3-year contract — the first 6 months’ salary will go directly to the Manpower agency that recruited him. While he was sad to leave his family, he is philosophical about it and hope that it will guarantee better education for his family in the future.

I’m going to miss him, but not as much as his family will.


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