Yuba Raj Adhikari

When I first met Yuba Raj, he worked out of the Royal Arts Studio. A quiet man, his Danger Dogs have a special naïve quality. The series of 6 above were from a newspaper flyer advertising dogs needing to be rescued. All with a pitiful ‘adopt me’ look in their eye captured by Yuba Raj.

Folk art beware of dog art hand painted on metal in Nepal
Yuba Raj with his Danger Dog signs

Yuba Raj has since moved to another studio across town, I was lucky to run into him and his young son. It was too late to order from him, but I will be sure to get some more another trip.

Two Danger Dogs from my first set of commissions in June, 2007, were painted on a recycled signboard. The back is almost as interesting as the front.


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Showing all 2 results