Folk Art Obama as a White Man


One thing about this fair trade art project is that you never know what will come out.  I had to tell Sufraj not to paint Obama as a white man….   When looking at a photograph of himself, Sufraj will shake his head and say ‘so dark’.   I explained that it was historic that a black man was elected as President of the United States.   In Nepal, one would say that he gave Barack the ‘Fair and Lovely’ treatment – ‘Fair and Lovely’ being a popular skin whitening treatment in South and Southeast Asia.


Barack Obama was elected with great excitement all over the world.  Nepal was no exception.   The artists were happy to paint his portrait.   I gave them a choice of 4 photos to paint and here are the results!   All are enamel on metal except for one by Govinda which is on wood panel.   All are available for $300. for more info.

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