Nabin Arts

Nabin is a good businessman. Of all my artist studios, his is the one that I can count on to have a few extra signboards waiting for me to buy. He will make more than one version of the same dog knowing he has a sucker ready and willing to buy.

Folk art beware of dog signs hand painted in Kathmandu
A young artist works at Nabin’s Studio

And over the years, his paintings of the Danger Dogs has morphed from realistic to more cartoonish as the original photo recedes into memory. I can trace the metamorphosis of one dog in particular – Mick Jagger.

I know Nabin does not paint the signs himself anymore. I believe he is a talented artist who has become more of an administrator with the passing years.

At the first exhibition of the Danger Dogs in Kathmandu, in November 2007, Nabin was one of two studio owners who said, separately, that ‘If I had known what you were doing, I’d have done a better job’. Having said that, the work that comes out of his studio is charming, and unique. Even though it is obvious to me that they are done by different artists, the style or feel of Nabin’s studio’s art remains the same.

Many of Nabin’s paintings are featured in the Cartoon Dogs category on this site.   Most of his art is larger than normsl at 12″ x 15″.