Pulkit Arts

Pulkit, of Nepal Arts, has a studio in the Tripureshwor district of Kathmandu. He represents a couple of artists.

Folk art painter from Kathmandu
Pulkit with Poodle and Retreiver

This artist to the left’s work was Munch-like with a naïve, wavy flowing look to the work.   Other artists in his studio are more detailed.

There are about a dozen artist studios in the Tripureshwor area – many very good. However, when they agreed on a due date of a Wednesday, and I came to pick up on a Friday, only 4 of 12 studios were ready. A couple hadn’t even started.

‘Ke garne?’ (‘What to do?’ in Nepali.)

That is one reason that every Danger Dog commission gets at least 3 choices by 3 different artists. It is commendable that they pass the work from artist to artist if they are busy or someone else needs the work, but it’s hard to count on anything. And it’s great fun to find new artists, even when unexpected.