Sagar Bitsa

Sagar teaches art to foreign students in Patan – the art center of the Kathmandu Valley. His Danger Dogs are often thug-like, with a dramatic circular format. His name means ‘ocean’ in Nepali, and his Japanese students have taught him to write in Japanese and he uses the chop for Ocean as his signature, often placing his signature on the dog’s id tag.

Folk art Obama sign hand painted on metal in Nepal
Sagar with his portrait of Barack Obama, the oldest and the darkest version of the Obamas

Sagar also likes to play with his art, in one case taking an innocent pug and placing the dog in the crotch of a woman! And another time, he slyly placed three shadowy ladies in bikinis in the background!

His father was a British Ghurka, a elite team of soldiers similar to our Navy Seals.   Sagar is the first member of his family to make a living in art.   He has either Birju or Ram Krishna paint his lettering.