Sufraj Khadka

Sufraj became a signboard painter by choice, rather than inheriting the business from a family member. He’s probably the best calligrapher among my signboard artists. His color palette is interesting with lots of pinks, greens and reds. He also sometimes puts an interesting halo effect around his Danger Dogs.

Sign painter and family in the studio in Kathmandu Nepal
Sufraj and Family

When I first came into his studio, I saw a very naïve painting under the table “Donkey Smokes” and expected Sufraj to be primitive in style. After many trips to Sufraj’ studio, I noticed many, many signs: ‘Please Don’t Smoke here strictly!’, ‘Smokers live in Hell!’ Needless to say, Sufraj hates cigarettes. Above is Sufraj with his wife and daughter.

Sufraj also paints many of the dental signs in the area, and I commissioned a couple for my dentist. His portraits of Barack Obama were the most successful of the 10 artists to whom I gave a commission, perhaps because of his beautiful way with teeth! Though he did give some of them the ‘Fair and Lovely’ treatment.