Birju Chaudhury subcontracts art from a couple of artists. Unfortunately for him, and for me, his best artist, Vinosh, has left for a 3-year contract in Saudi Arabia.   Vinosh left in 2007 and I have not seen him since.

Folk art sign painter in Kathmandu
Birju with Vinosh’s portrait of a terrier

In 2008, Birju converted to Christianity, a sect that believes that the world will end in December of 2012. For the last couple of years, he would not accept any commissioned Danger Dogs as he believed that he no longer needed money. He would also try to convert the Hindu artists to his new beliefs.

Luckily, in November 2010, he finally agreed to start working again. I’m glad, as Birju is known for his unparalleled calligraphy. He is said never to letter a sign the same way twice. He always adds a lot to the artwork.