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Getting viral on the Web

It is funny how the web works and I am learning more all the time.

OffBeatHome featured the Danger Dogs recently.

A British site called drove literally thousands of people to‘s site. 

Here’s a quote from Liv Siddall of ‘It’s Nice That’:

“Can we just take a minute to close our eyes and give thanks for the internet? Once that’s done, have a look around this collection of naively brilliant Beware of The Dog signs from Nepal. These little nuggets of creativity warn trespassers not just of dogs, but of horses, cats, enlightened chickens and even spiders. The woman behind this awe-inspiring collection is Michelle Page, whose interest in the signs goes beyond their charming aesthetic.”

That was in the early am.   4 hours later, a Spanish site named Yorokubu wrote a review of the site.  Then AnimalNewYork chimed in.   Click on them if you’d like to see which portraits they chose…

It went on and on through Tumblr and Pinterest and many other sites.  Thanks to them all!

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