Govinda Kalikote

Govinda Kalikote uses reflective tape for his lettering, so the two above on the left and middle appear red in person but orange in the photos. Very practical for an outdoor ‘Beware of Dog’ sign.

Folk art Rotweiller
Govinda with his portrait of a Rotweiller

Govinda likes to paint on Bodhi tree leaves, a Nepali tradition usually reserved for Buddha, who discovered enlightenment under a Bodhi tree. But Govinda surprised me with a portrait of Chopper, an Australian Shepherd, on a Bodhi leaf. Guess that’s not sacrilegious. Hope not, anyway.

Govinda paints a lot for his own enjoyment apparently. His storefront is lined with his art, both on canvas and on Bodhi leaves. I’ve also seen Govinda painting mudflaps for trucks.